Bodies in Revolt

This space was something that was inevitable.

  • Neutralizing Creation
    Photograph by Hervé Guibert The Author Function and the Artist Machine: The tension between anonymity and ascription—perhaps for a surreptitiously good reason—remains somewhat philosophically under-examined. It is latent in those becomings and gestures marked out as “imperceptibility” and “refusal”. There have been treatises on “improper names,” “the propaganda of the deed,” and even the “unattributed”Continue reading “Neutralizing Creation”
  • The Prudence of Polity: City and Sanity
    “Reason is not just the movements and actions of rational structures, but the movements of the structures and mechanisms of power. Reason is what sets aside madness. Reason is what gives itself the right and means to set aside madness.”Michel Foucault, 1978 “Of the Foolish…” The Crito is simultaneously an account of political right andContinue reading “The Prudence of Polity: City and Sanity”
  • Ecologies of Control
    This is an essay that speaks to the to the issues posed in “Going Astray” and “Thought, Disability, and Refusal” with an explicit focus on the political framing of the assemblage of things. It is the third essay in a set of interventions on, for lack of a better word, straying. None of these thingsContinue reading “Ecologies of Control”
  • Going Astray
    Capability and Errancy One of the final pieces Michel Foucault was able to complete for publication before his death was an homage to his beloved teacher, Georges Canguilhem. It was published both in a French metaphysics journal and as the introduction to the English translation of Canguilhem’s seminal text, The Normal and the Pathological. InContinue reading “Going Astray”

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Hi, I’m Lillie. Previously a magazine editor, I became a full-time mother and freelance writer in 2017. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband over at The Brown Bear Family but this blog is for my love of food and sharing my favorites with you!


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